We're counting the days until the Bay Area Yearbook Seminar begins!

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When is BAYS.

The event wil take place
July 12-14, 2016

Where is BAYS.

BAYS Attendees will be housed within a dorm at the scenic University of California, Santa Cruz!


The Bay Area Yearbook Seminar is the perfect opportunity for your staff to come together, set goals and walk away with a jump-start for your 2017 yearbook. By the time you and your staff leave camp, you’ll have your theme completed, cover designed, ladder planned and sections mapped out in great detail.


An on-site critique is available for staffs who are considering or would like to have their yearbook publication evaluated at camp.  We consider critiques to be the ultimate teaching tool.  These assessments can help you and your staff learn from previous work and help to improve your 2017 yearbook.  On-site critiques will be 30 minutes. You will have the opportunity to discuss areas of strength as well as suggestions for improvement by one of our instructors. This service is an additional $50.
Additional information on preparing for your critique will be included in your registration packet. Sessions are limited so please register early to guarantee your sessions.

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What you'll learn at BAYS!

Leadership Track

Design Track

Writing Track

There is more to yearbook than just photographs and layouts! Nothing helps a yearbook staff become successful than great leadership. Once you have completed leadership you will know how to edit proofs accurately and easily, prevent and deal with conflict, build staff morale and teamwork, from systems of communication and expectations, learn how to delegate effectively, and establish a solid working relationship with your adviser. You will be able to create the best environment to make the production of the yearbook as smooth and successful as possible.

We live in a visual world. Almost everything we encounter on a daily basis has been designed. Using examples from today’s hottest magazines and yearbooks, students will learn what’s in and how to get more trendy designs into their books. This is a very hands-on and cuttingedge course. If you’re tired of pre designed layouts and want to take your designs from OK to WOW, then this class offers an outside the box approach to getting more into and out of every double page spread.

In a journalism class, students have the opportunity to use writing in a real-world context – running a business called yearbook, the only class for which other people pay to read the homework. This course will explore principles of solid reporting to “find the story” as well as journalistic writing process. Feature, headline and caption writing skills will be mastered.

Marketing Masterminds


Middle School Track

Dynamic training for your Junior High staffs in headline, body, and caption writing; design; organization; trends; marketing; and photography; facilitated by leaders in contemporary student journalism.

Adviser's Roundtable

(Yearbook Advisers Only) This track is for experienced advisers. This is your opportunity to master the basics, ask those unanswered questions and share your experiences.

Adviser Survival

Discover best practices for marketing and selling your book. Discussions will focus on finding and targeting your audience, using social media creatively and budgeting. Staffers will create a custom built marketing plan to ensure a financially successful year.

 Campers bring their own digital cameras and practice taking better candid and action photographs. Students learn how to take great group shots and how to plan for better pictures. It’s time to get the most out of the cameras you have. This is a must-take class for photo editors and staff photographers. Don’t forget to bring camera equipment (SD cards, chargers, cameras and etc.)

(Yearbook Advisers Only) For first year advisers as well as experienced advisers. Whether you teach yearbook as a class or a club, we’ll help you find a way to teach. On top of that, all lessons are already connected to Common Core standards and 21st Century Skills; we’ll help you connect the dots. This is your opportunity to master the basics, ask those unanswered questions and share your experiences.



How much does it cost to attend BAYS?

COMMUTER RATE: Includes workshop registration, materials, t-shirt, all special events, all meals. $325
ON-CAMPUS STUDENT: Includes two night’s lodging, workshop registration, materials, t-shirt, all special events, all meals $425.
ON-CAMPUS ADVISER/CHAPERONE*: Includes two night’s lodging, workshop registration, materials, t-shirt, all special events, all meals. $350 (per person/double occupancy).
*At least one adviser chaperone is required for each school registering

What are the Registration Deadlines?

Getting registered NOW is critical to ensuring your spot at the seminar as space is limited. To register for the 2016 seminar, follow the step-by-step online process by clicking here. Pricing increases on June 1 and  registration closes July 1st, 2016.


We want you to get the most out of BAYS so if there are any other questions, please e-mail our camp coordinators, Melissa or Laura by clicking here.
While the seminar is in session, if you need to reach your child or us directly for either urgent messages or emergency purposes, call our
on-location number at: 480-355-5878
We look forward to seeing you soon and cannot wait to see all those who will be attending in Santa Cruz on July 12th!
Click here to download our printable brochure